Ruston Way Walk

With another break in the weather, Leslie and I took a walk on Ruston Way yesterday. I really wasn’t expecting to see much because of how many people walk the beach when it’s sunny, but I took my camera out of habit.

Most of what we saw was what I’d expect to see, like this male Common Goldeneye.

male Common Goldeneye

About half way through our walk, though, I heard a strange bird call and scanned along the beach with my 400mm telephoto lens and spotted a small flock of Black Turnstones,

Pair of Black Turnstone

the first time I’ve ever seen them locally. Although they were in a relatively isolated part of the beach with no one else around, they basically ignored me, allowing me to get the best shots I’ve ever managed to get.

Black Turnstone

In the process, I even managed to get a shot of this Killdeer,


whose call is surely what attracted me to the flock in the first place. Days like this remind me just how lucky I feel to live here.