A Sunny Morning at Fort Flagler

Not to rub it in, but the weather here in the Pacific Northwest was glorious the last few days, though the lowering clouds have returned today. I was too busy with the gym and other things to get out Tuesday, but I headed for Fort Flagler and Pt. Wilson in Port Townsend yesterday. It was a little chilly to begin the day, 31,° but it soon warmed up into the mid 40’s.

Just as I arrived at Ft. Flagler I was greeted by a small flock of Bufflehead headed straight for me.

Bufflehead Landing

As I walked down the beach I was greeted by a single Brandt, who despite the lack of support of the usual large flock, seem determined to defend his section of the beach.


The shorebirds were far less aggressive about defending their turf, but they, too, could be found patrolling their stretch of the beach, like this Black-Bellied Plover in non-breeding colors.

non-breeding Black-Bellied Plover

The Harlequin Ducks weren’t in their usual spot, but I didn’t have to walk too far to find this small flock:

Harlequin Ducks

It was a great start to a beautiful day, and it’s the chance to see these very birds that keeps bringing me back Ft. Flagler time after time.

The rest of the day actually turned out even better, but I’ll save those pictures for a rainy day — and with rain predicted for the next five days of there should be plenty of those.

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