Black Turnstone

I’ll be discussing A.H. Maslow’s Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences tomorrow, but I just purchased a new Kindle and have been too busy playing with it to discuss the book in the kind of depth that I want to. I’m sure I’ll have some comment on the Kindle, too, once I get a chance to play with it some more. I’m still ambivalent, but that’s also why I put off buying it for so long, so it’s not unexpected. It’s hard to break old habits.

Here’s another habit I have, including pictures of birds that I’ve just seen for the first time even if they’re not very striking. I photographed this Black Turnstone on last week’s trip to Ft. Flagler:

Black Turnstone

In direct sunshine it seemed pretty brown to me, but I do like this shot — looks as good as anything i found on the net when identifying it. If I hadn’t seen it on the beach, turning over shells, etc, as the name implies I don’t think I would have identified it as a shorebird.

One thought on “Black Turnstone”

  1. Whadaya mean, “…not very striking.”? We can’t all look like wood ducks. This is a great shot, in my estimation. Interesting rock, natty bird. Restful. Subtle.

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