Marbled Godwits

I do enjoy the beauty of the Marbled Godwits often found at Tokeland, but I also find it frustrating trying to get a good picture of them because they are so crowded together that it’s nearly impossible to get all of the birds in the frame in focus.

Marbled Godwits in Flight

And how do you crop a shot of them without leaving spare body parts littering the scene?

Two Godwits Landing

Trying to get a good group portrait reminds me of trying to get a shot all eight grandkids with a smile on all their faces.

Marbled Godwits on Shoreline


Which is just enough to keep me trying.

4 thoughts on “Marbled Godwits”

  1. I know the feeling Loren. Maybe it would be better to stop trying – I think they are such beautiful birds that the overall effect is one of pattern – in which case the odd bird part doesn’t matter so much.

  2. Your photos are always a treat, and migrating shorebirds fantastic. Lucky for us that you’re right there, patiently capturing these avian wonders. Enjoy the autumn.

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