Hanging Out in Colorado

One of the neat things about visiting Tyson and his family in Colorado is that I don’t have to go anywhere special to see birds and animals I don’t see in Tacoma, or Washington, for that matter.

Although we have Mourning Doves in Washington, I rarely see them, but here they’re nearly impossible to miss.

Mourning Dove

While kestrels are not nearly as common as Mourning Doves, they’re not that hard to find, though they’re hard to get close to.


The prairie dogs are actually quite annoying, but I never see them at home.

Prairie Dog

I didn’t think I’d ever seen this bird before, but after considerable research I decided it was really just a juvenile American Coot.

juvenile American Coot

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  1. I really love their “mournful” song. Perhaps they should be called “blues birds!”

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