Good Things Come

I’ve been trying to capture a good, or at least a decent, shot of a flycatcher the last three times I’ve gone to Theler Wetlands. But, as sometimes happens, I’ve only managed to see it when it’s overcast or at a considerable distance.

Wednesday I decided to hang around until I could finally capture a good shot of it. And I did manage to catch sight of it again, but, once again, it was during an overcast period and I’m still not happy enough with the picture to post it yet. I’ll get a better picture.

Meanwhile, I found the place I waited a rather “birdy” spot. For instance, I was quite pleased to get a picture of this Downy Woodpecker,

though I was surprised to see it clinging to a metal fence pole. Apparently it was merely using the post to land as it quickly jumped onto the nearby thistle and proceeded to feed on something, either bugs or the thistle itself (reminder to self, find out what Downies do feed on [galls they say, though I’m not quite sure what a gall consists of] ).

Downy Woodpecker

I had a very similar experience while waiting for the Virginia Rail to reappear, which it never did. Suddenly this juvenile Red-Breasted Sapsucker landed on the tree right in front of me, so close that my 500mm lens wouldn’t focus until it retreated to the far side of the tree and peered out at me, apparently as curious as I was.

juvenile Red-Breasted Sapsucker

As a confirmed walker, I’ve probably convinced myself that I see more birds by walking than by standing in one place waiting for birds to appear. Obviously that’s not always true. There must be some truth in that saying, “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

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  1. great for us you wait…the downy is a classic “glass half full” picture.

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