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  1. Just right for Memorial Day Weekend, Loren. Coincidentally, Richard was in the 101st Airborne Division. He loved that old song “I’ll Fly Away.” He would have loved your photographs. I know that for sure.

    When he got out of the Army in 1971 and began attending college, the college counselors encouraged him to become an English teacher. He told me that in 2001. In 1971, he was more interested in studying art and music but eventually dropped out of college and became a carpenter. I still have the 35 mm Minolta camera he sent me from Vietnam. He got me started with photography in 1970, and for that I am eternally grateful.

  2. Seriously, Dad! This one is the one that might help pay for some camera equipment! I want a copy for the new-and-improved office. Even if you didn’t want to do your time sitting in the booth at Freight House Square, I bet you could sell them to the guy (his name is escaping me — good guy — former city coucilman) who own the Northwest Store in Proctor.

    You know, if you don’t do it now, I will when you’re gone…. (I do inherit all of the photo files, right?) 😉

    Love you, -Dawn Marie

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