After I took Skye for his daily walk Wednesday and played with Mira as long as she seemed to be interested in, I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine so I decided to visit Nisqually Wildlife Refuge for a couple of hours. I was lucky enough to hook up with one of the refuge volunteers I know who gave me a guided tour since I haven’t been there recently.

He managed to spot this female Yellowheaded Blackbird in the wetlands just as we began our walk. He said he hadn’t seen one there before and I’ve certainly never seen one there, either.

female Yellow-Headed Blackbird

There really weren’t many birds showing other than the swallows who were moving way too fast to get a picture of, but I was glad to see my first frog of the season,


my first butterfly,


not to mention the first time Bushtit.


It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a sunny afternoon, especially since I got to end it with a barbecued pork torta from my favorite Mexican bus.

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  1. The last couple of posts are absolutely wonderful, Loren! Just finished work and catching up on your blog. It looks like there might be a thunderstorm up here. It’s much darker than it’s been recently.

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