Between Showers

The weather around here has been “unsettled,” with gray, sullen skies occasionally giving way to brilliant sunshine, closely followed by downpours.

That makes it difficult to plan outings, so I’ve limited myself to quick trips to nearby areas. Somehow, though, I’ve managed to get out both Sunday and Monday to take some quick shots.

Sunday we, and hundreds of others, strolled the waters near Owens Beach. There were far too many people to be many birds, but I did get a shot of this mystery bird, which looked a lot like a juvenile Sanderling but seemed larger and was all alone, which seemed unusual:

Unidentified Sandpiper-like Bird

On our drive home, I managed to get a shot of our Bald Eagle, sitting in exactly the same tree it’s been sitting in for the last two years:

Eagle On Branch

I spent much longer time birding on Monday, but had even worse luck birdwise. Waughop lake was barren, with just a few ducks and cormorants in the middle of the lake. The only shots I really liked were these three of a Eurasian Widgeon at Titlow:

Eurasian Widgeon

Though I’ve seen this, or another, Eurasian Widgeon at Titlow many times before, I’ve never seen one fly before.

Eurasian Widgeon Flying

So I found the color patterns quite interesting.

Eurasian Widgeon Flying

5 thoughts on “Between Showers”

  1. We’ve just finished (hopefully) about 6 weeks of rain – at one point we’d had only 6 sunny days in the previous 30. When you consider that October is normally our driest month, that’s pretty strange. Average is 3.5″ of rain, I measured 18″ at my house for the month. So I’m enjoying having, finally, some dry, sunlit days.

  2. I guess you’ve got more to complain about than I do, then, Harry because our weather hasn’t been quite that bad, but, of course, we are just starting into our wet season, which can run all the way through June some years.

  3. As always, wonderful photos, Loren.

    Am finally trying to catch up with my blog reading so will be back here to read some of your previous posts later on!

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