Oooops, There Goes the Site

I’ve been wanting to change the style of my web page for awhile now.

Unfortunately, after today’s mistake, I’ll be changing it right now. I made the mistake of pushing the Automatic Upgrade button on my WordPress site and it decided that it didn’t like my non-standard theme that Shelley Powers designed for me several years ago and deleted it.

Worst of all, it deleted my blogroll and I’m going to have to reconstruct it. Damn! That’s gonna challenge my memory and take a considerable amount of time. I’m going to try to find a way to see a copy of my site from the past and see if I can use that to reconstruct my blogroll. Any suggestions are welcomed.

6 thoughts on “Oooops, There Goes the Site”

  1. Wow, your site is so different.

    I’ve heard that people had problems with the auto upgrade. It shouldn’t have deleted your theme, it wasn’t non-standard, it just wasn’t a packaged theme.

    Recovery…if the theme isn’t still there, but turned off by WordPress, then the Wayback machine has your blogroll at least at You can copy and paste the markup in the page. If you want to recover the whole page, you can, but you’ll have to plug in the relevant bits.

    Email me if you want me to look around your site, see if I can hunt up your old theme pages.

  2. Sounds like Shelley has some good suggestions on how to get your theme again via the Wayback machine. Have not been commenting much of anywhere lately but have to say I sure do like your photo of that Steller’s Jay and that Varied Thrush!

  3. all this is such another galaxy. i saw the blue jays both ways, so i know it’s you, loren. all this configuration i take for granted. maybe it’s time to say i appreciate all the pains you blogsters go to. yellow throated warbler has shown at the feeder here. odd. kjm

  4. If you go to Google and do a search on “” they have a copy in their cache. When I took a look a minute ago it looked like they had everything but your blogroll.

  5. Oh, how infuriating. Others have already made the suggestions I was going to – I hope they work and reconstruction is quick and painless.

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