10 thoughts on “Fall’s Pallette”

  1. What can I say, Loren? Your photos just get better and better.

    Hoping you are the same– Mary

  2. Ah, fall is here… I breathed in the refreshing, crisp fall air this afternoon and it was so good.

  3. Although my favorite bird at Belfair is still the red winged blackbird – I just love their song – the Cedar Wax Wings certainly run a close second. They are just so lovely to look at. And anyway, the darned belted kingfisher continues to be so elusive…
    Your lovely wife, Leslie

  4. Thank you, Loren. Enjoyed these so much. LOVED!! the hummingbirds and your herons, too. Missed you at Theler today, but then we had 90 3rd graders, wouldn’t have been very quiet. The duck hunters are out, so not much bird action either. Hope to visit with you again. –Bobbee

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