At the Seattle Zoo

If you needed any further proof that I’m becoming senile, I managed to make another attempt to take pictures at the Pacific Science Center Butterfly Exhibit only to discover that it is closed on Mondays, even though I checked the web page for its hours Sunday before I called to see if Lael wanted to go with me. The only consolation was that I wasn’t the only one who made that mistake as I met several people with kids leaving as I was going in. Worst of all, there was a family there from Vancouver, B.C.

I wasn’t going to disappoint Lael, so we decided to go to the Seattle Zoo, which I did after several wrong turns caused by Seattle’s abominable signage. I’m afraid Lael may have learned some new words that are not appropriate at daycare. Hopefully she will have forgotten them by tomorrow.

I haven’t been to the Seattle Zoo in a long time, so I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. More importantly, Lael seemed to have a great time. In fact, the only time she seemed even somewhat displeased was when I had to hurry her along so that we could get back to Tacoma by dinner time.

One of the more touching moments of the day took place early on when she sat down for several minutes communicating with this member of the ape family

Lael with Monkey

However, this picture of her playing on the statues outside the orangutang exhibit probably more accurately conveys her activity level for the day.

Monkeying Around on Statues

Even when seated watching the raptor exhibit she had a hard time keeping her feet still.

Lael finallly sitting down

She was recharged after lunch and enjoyed climbing on the gorilla exhibit with several other kids.

Lael Riding Gorilla Statue

Zoo officials seemed to know the only answer for kids hyped on zoo animals.

Lael in Stocks

Though she didn’t want to leave when we did and seemed to have lots of energy left at the exit,

Lael at Seattle Zoo Exit

she fell asleep five minutes after we left the zoo and had considerable trouble waking up long enough to collect on the ice cream cone I promised her when the ice cream shop was closed at the zoo.

7 thoughts on “At the Seattle Zoo”

  1. I love Mommy & me days like that!

    Was she actually touching that ape? Or through a glass, or something.

    She sure is a cute, lucky, happy-looking little girl. With great hair!

    “new words for daycare” – ha!! Don’t I know about that.

  2. There was glass there, Jannie, or grandpa would never have let her get that close.

    Just before the picture they both had their hands on the class with palms together, but that shot was just too dark to use.

  3. You’ve obviously never had the Lael stay overnight with you while her mommy and daddy go out dancing, pat. It always take me a week or two to recover from that.

  4. I like the way she smiles, the light shined in her eyes looks quite clever and naughty. She maybe in the same age as my daughter Sandie, just over 5. So lovely!

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