Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

Didn’t quite finish Dunn’s book today, so here’s another shot I like from last week’s Nisqually trip, though I’m still not sure what the bird is since there are so many birds that look quite similar. I’ve changed my mind too many times to have any confidence in what it really is, but at the moment my best guess is that it’s a Hutton’s Vireo. What I find most confusing, though, is that no one mentions the dramatic yellow spot that’s clearly visible near the tail.

Possible Hutton's Vireo

4 thoughts on “Your Guess Is as Good as Mine”

  1. Thanks for sending me details of where you live. What a spot to choose! Near to the Pacific, near to what look like lagoons, and quite near to Vancouver Island and The Rockies. How I envy you.
    I would guess you get a lot of rain there.

  2. You would guess right, pat, particularly during the past year, including summer.

    Fortunately, it’s usually light rain as the Olympics block much of the moisture from the ocean.

  3. Ah Dunn again. Due to one of your post a few weeks ago I did take his book down off my shelf to set it on my end table. I guess opening it up and losing myself in him would be a good next move. Yeah. Later when it’s quiet. (Kids running around the house now.)

    Sweet little bird. I’m pretty sure one of those came in through the broken cat door last week. Luckily he (or she) went back out an opened window soon after.

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