Reflections on a Sunny Day

I’ve almost finished vice, but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow since I got at the gym at 6:30, left at 9:00, walked the dog until 10:20 and then was forced to take a bird walk for several hours when the sun suddenly appeared this afternoon contradicting predictions of rain.

I only got as far as Ruston Way, and, with the exception on not sighting the Belted Kingfisher, I only got pictures of birds I usually see, like this Bald Eagle that flew overhead,

Eagle Flying By

a pair of Common Goldeneyes necking, a mating phenomena I’ve noted several times in the last few years,

Goldeneye Male Necking

and another close-up of a Surf-Scoter, all of them marked by interesting reflections.

Surf-Scoter reflection

All in all, it was a most enjoyable day, reminding me just how good I really have it.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on a Sunny Day”

  1. Loren,
    I’m not saying I’m envious or anything…but these are birds you USUALLY see?? Fantastic! I’m sure you know how lucky you are in this instance. Still, we all have our blessings and crosses to bear! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. glad to see you catch the eagle. they have been a daily presence along rustin. i really enjoyed the one sitting on the piling right behind the recently closed fish market earlier in the week.

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