Merry Christmas

We’ve finished almost all our homemade Christmas presents, though I’ve requested that Tyson send back the snowmen so that I can apply a different finish after Christmas.

Still, all and all, I’m rather satisfied with homemade Christmas presents. My favorite present is this quilt which Leslie and I cooperated on:

Great Blue Heron Quilt

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This has been some Christmas night.
The quietest I think and,
possibly the best.

Blsessings on all.

What a wonderful tradition to make each other presents. An example to follow. How on earth did you make the heron so lifelike?
Best wishes for all.

I guess I didn’t say it was a wall-hanging, did I, Mike?

But that’s what it’s meant to be. It’s too small to be anything but a wall hanging or a doll’s quilt, which would be a great use for it, too.