Black and White

It’s been so rainy and grey around here lately that I haven’t even tried to get out and take pictures. But I finally had to get Skye’s medicine, and I refuse to drive all the way to Steillacoom and not stop at the lake.

By waiting to mid-afternoon I managed to take the walk in the least dark part of the day, and even saw a patch of blue just before it poured on me.

Perhaps sun wasn’t necessary, though, because all of the birds I got close to were solid black anyway, like this elegant crow, that was part of a huge flock:


this American Coot that nearly walked up and tapped me on the leg, apparently wondering what I was doing walking around in the middle of a storm,

American Coot

and this pair of cormorants who rushed to take advantage of the what little light there was to dry out their wings.

Pair of Cormorants Drying Wings

At least I can’t complain that the birds’ brilliant colors appear faded because of the lack of sunlight.

I’ll try to do better tomorrow when I stop at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge on the way to my dental appointment, but it’s supposed to be raining tomorrow too, so don’t get your hopes too high.

4 thoughts on “Black and White”

  1. Wow! Amazing close-ups. The cormorants are beautiful. The beauty of abundance. The Tao of abundance.

  2. Wow, these birds fly off the screen, practically in one’s face. Great photos! Even though my deck is a popular feeding place for the birds (since I set up multiple feeders for different species, too), I never manage to gey a got picture of them. I think they are camera shy….

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