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I’m not sure if the rough weather in the Pacific Northwest has hit the national news, but we’ve been having a record-breaking storm here. Twenty miles of I-5 is closed because of flooding. People have lost their lives and their homes.

Me, I just lost most of my television service and all of my internet service. Tough to complain. So I won’t.

What I will note is how deep the ruts of habit run. I just didn’t know what to do with myself without the internet. I’d play a game on my computer and unconsciously open the email program or try to check my website.

I did get some cookies decorated and more carving than usual done, but it was still disconcerting not having my normal place to take a break.

Of course, when I finally got back on line I found 128 emails in my inbox since someone had chosen this special time to use my email address to spam the world. I really appreciate having to list my email address when I listed myself as owner of Next time I use my Google address since they seem to do the best job of corraling spam.

UPDATE: To add insult to injury, it turns out the days I did not post were the best days ever for attracting readers, reaching 1608 visitors yesterday. I wonder if this site will become a REAL hit when I finally pass away?

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  1. Welcome back Loren.
    I know what you mean by not knowing what to do without the Internet access. Now, would this be against Taoism? 🙂 We (may of us) seem too attached to the Internet, don’t you think?

  2. I’m just trying to make sure that I’m not a good consumer, Sue.

    Taoism is a way of bring some sanity into a world gone crazy about things.

    In the past, I used to quote the passage, “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” when I really, really wanted something I couldn’t afford.

  3. I hope Salmon Beach is OK. My dad hasn’t replied to calls, nor my sister. But I’m sure if there was a problem, I’d have heard.

  4. I haven’t been down there tarakuanyin, but the storm wasn’t particularly strong here, not nearly as strong as last year’s.

    It’s mostly areas closer to the mountains or in the lowlands where rivers cross flood plains that suffered the real damage. It’s hard to flood Puget Sound.

  5. Figured, Loren, you were affected by it. AOL news
    had a story about the nastiness there. One couple’s
    restaurant was destroyed by a flash flood. A 90
    year old woman died, and a man who was driving a
    truck. These were three separate weather-related

  6. Hi Loren,

    I finally talked to my dad. He said the rain was relatively light in Pierce County. I always worry about the beach because Mum and Dad lived through the earthquake (which condemned the house for a while, though they refused to leave!), the ice storm (a huge ice-laden madrona branch came within a literal split-second of falling on me when I was walking up the trail), and various landslides that have taken out the trail, stairs, boardwalk and even houses. It’s been years since there have been any problems there, but I still get nervous remembering how I called and called and called after the earthquake and couldn’t get a hold of them because the phones were down for several weeks (No, it didn’t take several weeks for them to get a hold of me! I just couldn’t contact them, and it took them a couple of days to realize I might be worried!) I love the beach, but it takes a certain kind of person to live there!

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