A Cedar Waxwing

Though I ran out of Skye’s supplements several days ago, I have been avoiding the long drive across town to his vet’s office. However, I resolved over the weekend that I would get it today. It so happens that I’ve also been longing for a Gyro sandwich since I haven’t had one since I moved to Tacoma nearly four years ago. I noticed there was a Gyro restaurant on the way home from the vet the last time. So I managed to combine two trips, fulfill an obligation while satisfying my hunger for some good Greek food.

And for good measure I threw in a birding walk to Waughop Lage in Steillacoom as long as I was in the neighborhood. There were fewer ducks than when I was there before, but there were a lot more song birds, even though I heard more songs than I saw birds.

I did manage to get a good picture of a Goldfinch right as I got out of the car, in fact he was so close that several of the closest pictures were out of focus.
I spent the most time, though, taking pictures of a small flock of Cedar Waxwings, who, as usual, weren’t shy about posing for the camera, unlike the much rarer Brown Creeper who insisted on remaining high up the trees and in the shadows.

Still I was more than happy with the pictures of the Cedar Waxwings and consider this shot the best I’ve ever managed to take, despite the ruffled feather on the right wing:

Cedar Waxwing

3 thoughts on “A Cedar Waxwing”

  1. great photo of the cedar waxwing. did you find your gyro at “it’s greek to me” by jason lee middle school?

  2. It was just named Gyros and was in Lakewood across from Trader Joes, kjm.

    I have been to the one you named but didn’t realize they also served gyros. I usually eat the calamari at “it’s greek to me.”

  3. Next to Flickers, Cedar Waxwings are my favorite birds. I like this photo very much. I remember that you took a great photo of a Flicker and a Cedar Waxwing together some time back.

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