Bee, Mine

With a rainy weekend predicted and some partial sunshine this morning, I headed out for Belfair early this morning. Though I managed to flush a Green Heron, he was much too fast to get a shot of, and, other than that, birds were somewhat scarce, except for Song Sparrows. For a while, I wondered if the one from my front porch had hitched a ride with me. This one even sang the same song right above my head so I’d be sure to notice him:

Maybe Song Sparrows are meant to be my spirit bird this summer. I certainly haven’t seen a single American Bittern after seeing so many last year.

Though birds were scarce, flowers were plentiful. I pushed my close-up lens to its limits to try to get two Columbine in a single frame:

This picture of a bee in a wild rose might be my all-time favorite bee picture, though I had to crop it in order to make the bee appear large enough in this smaller format:

4 thoughts on “Bee, Mine”

  1. I love these three photos. Together they make me think that they are a trigram from the I Ching.

  2. Poetic ambivalence, not to mention, license, ron.

    But when I taught I would probably have said, Ron, too.

    Old age is the best excuse for breakin’ all the rules, ain’t it?

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