Minor Addictions

It’s been a busy week here and, despite the expected rain and the fact that I haven’t gotten out birding once, I still didn’t manage to get much reading done, first because Jiffy Lube was running commercials on the television so loudly that it was impossible to read the two hours I sat there while having two cars serviced.

I’ve decided it’s time to look for a new place to have the oil changed. It’s bad enough having to deal with attendants who constantly push services and products you’re not sure you really need without being bombarded with commercials while sitting in the waiting room.

Of course, I also managed to leave the book home when I went to the doctor’s office for my quarterly cancer checkup, but at least I was compensated there by the news there’s no sign that it’s returned.

Most of my week was spent exercising two hours or more per day, but as a result I actually seem to have more energy than before. I actually got motivated enough to spend four hours cleaning out the garage, trying to make room to get back to woodcarving now that the garage has actually warmed up.

Despite feeling much better, I’ve spent much too much time playing my new game from FreeVerse, called Big Bang Brain Games, a game that promises to exercise your brain and delay the onset of senility, though I suspect it may contribute to a fat ass.

Right now I’m obsessing on Sudoka, a game I’ve managed to avoid for several years since Leslie started playing it. Now that I have a computer version, I’ve found the game maddeningly addictive, to the point that I’m playing it rather than watching television or reading.

In fact, I like all six games included, and it’s been far too long since I’ve found a computer game that can really hold my attention.

I’m sure the addiction won’t last too long, though, and I’ll be back out photographing and reading shortly.

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