When I headed at 8:30 out from Tacoma with Bob to show him the Olympics from Seabeck it was bright and sunny here. On our way there, we constantly went from sunshine to heavy fog. When we arrived at Seabeck, the fog had partially lifted but still managed to obscure most of the Olympics.

Since it was foggy and COLD, we decided not to try to outlast the fog but, instead, head to Belfair and the Theler Wetlands. Much to my surprise it was much foggier at Belfair. Although many birds were much closer than I’ve ever seen them before, like this Kingfisher,

it was nearly impossible to make the camera focus without shifting to manual focus. And even if you could focus the camera, the resulting picture was little more than a gray-on-gray abstract.

We had nearly reached the turnaround point on the trail before the sun finally broke out, at least in patches and I was able to get some decent pictures, like this one of a pair of Green-Winged Teals, by far the best shot I’ve managed to get so far of this particular species.

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