We’ve been in Leavenworth the last three days, and though I’m further behind than ever in trying to get ready for Christmas, it’s tough not to get into the Christmas Spirit after mixing with hundreds of people celebrating the season.

I added to the spirited economy by buying a Ukrainian Santa to add to my Santa collection and a beautiful kaleidoscope to the two others I already have.

I suspect I also added some unneeded weight with all the good food around, despite a snowshoeing expedition with Leslie and Ted.

14 thoughts on “Leavenworth”

  1. Oh wow, Loren. Those are wonderful pictures. I miss the Northwest during this time of year. I used to love going to Leavenworth.

    You really did a nice job of capturing the spirit of the area. Really nice.

  2. I really like that top photo, Shelley, the first one I shot after dark.

    I just pointed and shot. And despite a ridiculously low shutter speed it somehow turned out fairly well.

    Wishing all you all a Merry Christmas, too, Jean.

  3. Merry Christmas, Loren. These pictures are helpful for one out here in the warm, flat, snowless Midwest.

  4. ahem. that is *not* the leavenworth *i* know…

    peace and good wishes for the new year to you and yours,
    bobbi (in kansas)

  5. Have you visited THAT Leavenworth, bobbi?

    We’re you in a backup group for Johnny Cash?

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