Weather Report

“If it doesn’t rain, it pours” might be the motto here in the Pacific Northwest the last few months. Last night we had one of the worst wind storms I’ve ever seen here.

We got up this morning to discover several shingles missing off the roof. I gathered them up from the yard, with perhaps a few of the neighbors’ shingles, and spent much of the morning patching the roof. It’s pretty clear that, despite the building inspector’s report that it “should be good for another ten years” it will have to be replaced this summer.

After finishing the roof before the next rainstorm hit, I was off to Home Depot to get some wood to repair the section of fence that came down last night, too. They were open, but barely, as they had no electricity in their store. Still, thanks to some dedicated, and much-appreciated workers, we have the supplies to start fixing the fence.

When we got back home around 1:30 p.m. the electricity was back on and I could fix some badly needed coffee, read how lucky we really were to have just suffered the minor damage we did, and give my aching back a respite by resting here at the computer for a few minutes.

3 thoughts on “Weather Report”

  1. I do remember the storms this time of year in that area.

    When we had our windstorm this last July, several hundred thousand people were without power for up to two weeks. I read that most of the people in the Seattle area should have power in 24 hours.

    I think we need to bring PSE here to show Ameren how its done.

    Glad the damage was minor.

  2. The storm blew down a light pole in my condo complex. It lay flat in the parking lot, still shining in the dark. Nasty weather, all right. Hope your back feels better soon.

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