Drying Out

It seems petulant to complain about the weather here in the Pacific Northwest when other places are having far worse weather, but we’ve already set a record for the largest amount of rain ever in the month of November, so when the sun broke through today you better believe I was outside taking pictures.

I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the sun. All the cormorants I saw, with the exception of one drying his wings were facing directly into the bright sunlight.

Killdeer were out walking along the lake shore,

and the local Belted Kingfisher was feisty as usual

It was a beautiful four hours. I’m ready to face the next five days of predicted rain.

4 thoughts on “Drying Out”

  1. When you can catch it, the November light beats it all. And you do catch it. Kudos to you. And as for the Van stuff, I have a framed album cover of Them “featuring Here Comes the Night” as it says on the cover. The song’s the thing. The wee Van doesn’t look that great even then, but he continues to be pretty consistent with the music.KJM

  2. Loren,
    Longtime fan, first-time comment. Your observation about the cormorants all facing the same direction reminded me of red-tailed hawks here in Iowa. On frigid winter days, I’ve noticed many times that the hawks perched along my commute are all facing the sun, soaking in the rays.

  3. As sun starved as we are, kjm, it’s hard to miss the birds sunning themselves.

    I’ve never been to Iowa, but from what I’ve read I imagine those hawks need all the sun they can get to stay warm, Deb.

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