The Real Thing

One of the best things about being stuck in the house while it rains for a week is that nearly everything looks fresh and brilliant when you finally get out.

Belfair was certainly no exception yesterday with new flowers breaking out everywhere like shooting stars,

simple Columbine, or

rich, delicious Chocolate Lilies.

There were even new visitors

like this Western Wood-Pewee I’ve never seen before.

Amazingly, this juvenile Red Breasted Sapsucker already looks as large as his mother.

Sometimes when you’re stuck inside you begin to confuse pictures of birds with the real thing, but this robin loudly reminded me that there’s no confusing art with the real thing, though that may be less clear to you while sitting in front of your computer trying to figure which, if any, of these is the Real Thing.

God Bless the rain, and all it does for us.