Theler Wetlands


Summer must be running about two weeks later this year than last year if the flowering of plants is an accurate measure of the seasons.

Here’s the picture of a Tough-Leaved-Iris I showed last year:

Here’s the picture I took Tuesday:

And here’s the way I think I saw the flower but was unable to capture with my expensive digital camera.

Of course, neither of these pictures quite captures the way I felt when I suddenly discovered tough-leaved-irises many years ago while hiking a familiar trail on the Columbia Gorge, which might, in turn, explain why I somehow thought that these common-everyday Feral Pigeons must be Banded Pigeons or Mourning Doves, not feral pigeons, when I first spotted them at Belfair:

2 replies on “Inarticulate”

Gorgeous, gorgeous! It cheered me up a little! You are sometimes a great photogaphr And don’t tell me “Aw shucks.”