Summer must be running about two weeks later this year than last year if the flowering of plants is an accurate measure of the seasons.

Here’s the picture of a Tough-Leaved-Iris I showed last year:

Here’s the picture I took Tuesday:

And here’s the way I think I saw the flower but was unable to capture with my expensive digital camera.

Of course, neither of these pictures quite captures the way I felt when I suddenly discovered tough-leaved-irises many years ago while hiking a familiar trail on the Columbia Gorge, which might, in turn, explain why I somehow thought that these common-everyday Feral Pigeons must be Banded Pigeons or Mourning Doves, not feral pigeons, when I first spotted them at Belfair:

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous! It cheered me up a little! You are sometimes a great photogaphr And don’t tell me “Aw shucks.”

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