Waxing Poetic

Sunday’s the last day we saw any real sunshine around here, and it looks like I’ll have to put off my mid-week hike in the Columbia Gorge because of heavy rains, so I spent my day playing around with pictures of Cedar Waxwings I took Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Waxing Poetic”

  1. I don’t even see the waxwings every year, but they’re great good fun when they descend in the dozens and dozens on berrie bushes around here and eat through them faster than some comic book depiction! It’s entriguing to see how a group in one tree will mostly face a single direction while a group in a nearby tree will all face another single direction! Orderly groups, I guess. They are also very attractive.

  2. A grand potentate surveying his airy realm, his hands clasped behind his back at the palace window. Beautifully framed!

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