Busy as a Bee

Now that my vacation to the beach is over, I suppose I could try to convince you that I’ve been busy as a bee around here. Of course, that would be a lie. I have gotten a few things done around here, but the reality is that living my life isn’t too different from being on permanent vacation.

Actually, I’m probably more like this fly, pretending to be as busy as a bee

when I’m actually just busy sucking the sweetness out of life.

I may have been born to retire. So far this week, I’ve spent half a day at Nisqually, half a day at the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden where I captured this fly hardly working, and half a day at Belfair.

Since they’re predicting rain the rest of the week, I thought I’d get my nature walks in while it’s still sunny and read some poetry on the last two days of the week. I’m actually looking forward to reading more Denise Levertov, which I started reading while at the beach.

5 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee”

  1. Now, does that sound like “sucking the sweetness out of life?”

    I’ve always done half the cooking, shopping, etc. even when I work but, no, I don’t do much housework.

  2. I’m looking forward to your Levertov reviews. I remember reading something you shared about her a long while ago, something that didn’t seem to make its way into your poet indexing.

  3. I read a couple of her poems in the book I was reading on Postmodern Poetry, but I didn’t index any of those poets because I only discussed a single poem by each, and mainly in relationship to the term “postmodern poetry.”

    I’ve read about a third of the book so far, her first period, and I like what I’ve read so far quite alot.

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