True Love

While the discovery of wildlife refuges up and down the coast was new and exciting, I go to the beach to see the ocean.

I’ve spent most of my vacations at the beach for the last forty years, but I still love walking on the sand and climbing rocks as much as I did the first time I went there on my first honeymoon.

I’ve driven the whole Oregon coast so many times I doubt there’s a wayside I haven’t seen, though I might not remember a particular spot until I see it again.

No matter how many times I visit the coast, though, it seems new and fresh everywhere I stop, whether it be the high cliffs pounded by the sea:

or jetties thrusting into ocean waves:

I can’t imagine my love affair with this place ever ending.


Yes, we did the tide pools, as always, too.

10 thoughts on “True Love”

  1. Yes! It was at the ocean that I first felt that I could love and be loved. Thanks for sharing your recent trip with Leslie to the Washington and Oregon coast with us. Last time I was at that lighthouse in Washington near the Columbia River I saw the pelicans. I love them. I had a dream once that pelicans are the guardians of the world.

  2. Amanda, Wordform, Shelley Power’s extension of WordPress allows commenters to return and edit their comments if they’ve changed their mind or, more likely if you’re me, correct a spelling error.

    Only you can see the phrase “edit this comment,” not other visitors to the site.

  3. I remember exploring tide pools and costal “caves”. Suddenly I’m nostalgic.
    I can just hear those gulls and smell those ocean scents.

    And if I put my ear up to the screen, I can hear the ocean!


  4. Pictures like these remind me how jealous I am of people who live in the Pacific Northwest. Although I don’t envy those if you in Seattle your traffic. I would love to spend some extended time in that area.

  5. I love the ocean, too, although I’m only familiar with the Gulf of Mexico version. And I’m not too pleased with her current behavior; the Gulf has overwhelmed and destroyed my parents’ home, the house I grew up in. Maybe I should try the Pacific; I’ve never been that far west yet.

  6. Here on the west coast it’s likely to be the earth itself that acts up rather than the ocean.

    I’ve been through some major earthquakes and lived a few miles from Mt. St Helens when it blew.

    I’m afraid that mother nature has a fickle side, too.

  7. I’d be happy to be in a nice little rental cottage with a fireplace on the beach in the Northwest right about now. Yes, indeedy.

    By the way, are those giant octupi?

  8. Actually, I think they’re starfish who are on a honeymoon retreat at the beach, Shelley.

    Nothing like a little “togetherness” at the beach.

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