Good Enough for Me

When I left home this morning it was brilliantly sunny; when I reached the Nisqually National Refuge it was a dull gray.

It was so foggy that you could barely distinguish the sun through the fog,

or see the reeds in the canals.

I could have been disappointed, but I wasn’t. For a while, I simply focused on fog-muffled sounds around me. Though I saw few birds, their voices actually seemed louder and clearer than usual, miniature foghorns. Unfortunately, the deep THUNK of distant artillery fire at Fort Lewis suddenly halted that meditative moment.

So, I turned my attention to what could be seen, including many small birds like this Hutton’s Vireo that kept flying back and forth across the path at knee level:

And when there were no birds to be seen, I focused on the gaily-decorated berries that lined the road:

Surely no returning war hero has ever been greeted by lovelier decorations than those that lined my path today.

7 thoughts on “Good Enough for Me”

  1. Coming from the Puget Sound area, I’ve always had a special fondness for fog, Jean. I hear you get a lot of it in England, too.

    Harry, you ought to know it’s not the camera, though it does help to be able to throw away a lot of bad shots.

    And, the spider web is really my favorite, too, kenju.

  2. oh, I know it isn’t the camera, it’s the camera operator – my sister-in-law is one of those people who can look at something and see the photograph, I’m one of those people who takes lots of pictures – but it just scratches my itch for a D-SLR. My time is not yet come, however – I have a new telescope to finance first!

  3. Actually, I was half teasing, Harry, as I point out in tomorrow’s entry where I ran into a couple of bird phototraphers whose equipment had me feeling rather inadequate, and, of course, jealous.

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