Two Worlds, Apart

Little wonder that some have noted that if you aren’t schizophrenic you’re probably out of touch with your world.

Here in my world I got the very special treat of accompanying grandson Gavin to his first day of kindergarten. As a teacher I never had the opportunity to escort my kids to their first day of school, so this was more special than it might have otherwise been. It was hard not to get just a touch teary and a tad elated, when the little ones lined up to go into a classroom for the first time in their life. Though some were undoubtedly hiding very big butterflies, all seemed excited at the prospect of beginning their education.

Back home and feeling vague guilt at not following the New Orleans story as I should, I was presented with a nightmarish kaleidoscope of images at Newsweek’s site.

It’s hard to find much optimism in the images that fill the screen, and a startling image of school buses nearly covered in water leaves little doubt that Gavin and his classmates face a very different immediate future than those apparently abandoned by their government.

I’m not sure it’s fair to the people of New Orleans to use their misery to point out failures in our government’s actions, but there is little doubt that government is failing miserably to meet their immediate needs, and I fear this is merely the tip of the iceberg as far as meeting future needs.

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