You Got To Cross That Line

Talk about your speed bump!

Going from a fire-engine-red, ’68 Mustang 2×2 to a blue, 4-door ’65 Dodge Dart was traumatic, almost as traumatic as merging with freeway traffic from a dead start while driving a slant-6.

I wonder what happened to the guy who drove that Mustang?

He didn’t show up even after the divorce. Guess, he wouldn’t cross that line and got left behind.

Sometimes I think I glimpse him in the rearview mirror.

4 thoughts on “You Got To Cross That Line”

  1. Thanks, I’m having a lot of fun trying out new Photoshop techniques.

    I’m continually amazed at just how powerful the program is and how much I still don’t know after years of using it.

  2. This series is genius. What can be more American than the automobile? And what can better show us our past? Or the future, when GM is manufactured in China, and the UAW is part of history. Oh, excuse me, I found myself on a tangent. But I’m waiting for your nest.

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