Far Out, Man

As you can probably tell from the photos below, I’ve been spacing out on Photoshop

This photo was created by exactly following the directions in New Riders’ Photoshop 6 Effects: Magic:

Of course, you really don’t learn much if all you do is follow the directions and create a picture. On the other hand, I don’t learn at all if I just read a Photoshop book.

So, I spent some extra time trying to create my own space shot. It’s probably not as good as the one from the book, but I like it better because it’s my own little corner of space:

and I don’t have to share it with anyone at all, except you, of course.

9 thoughts on “Far Out, Man”

  1. Actually, I’m using Photoshop CS, Harry. It’s a carryover from the days when I could get an educator’s version.

    I’ve upgraded it so many times now that it’s probably cost me more than the retail price.

    I think Photoshop Elements is a good place to start learning it, though, and a lot cheaper.

    I’ve seen a lot of new books written for Photoshop Elements.

  2. I’ve used Paintshop Pro for years. I think it’s pretty powerful, but for some reason, the way it does things and the way I comprehend things, just haven’t ever jived. For instance, I’m sure it could take red eye out of photos, but I don’t know how to begin to do that. And things like stacking images, or neatly cutting out one part and pasting it into another image, are not part of my skill set. I’m sure PSP can do it, but I guess I don’t know the terminology even well enough to go looking for the “how”.

  3. Harry, I think you have to get a book, preferrably a tutorial with an included CD, or at the very least a web site where you can download images to practice and follow along.

    On the other hand, Photoshop includes a help tutorial where you can search for things like “red eye” and it provides step-by-step instructions on how to remove it. A book, though, might offer an entirely different way of dealing with it.

    The most important thing is just to practice, practice and then finally practice some more until it all becomes second nature.

  4. Harry – I use both PSP and Photoshop and there isn’t much that PSP can’t do that Photoshop does, and for a Windows user PSP is easier to master in my opinion. The Help files are pretty good too if you study them in depth. Trouble is, if you don’t use these programs regularly you tend to forget what you’ve already learned.

    And Loren, I also prefer your own version of space.

  5. Thanks for the comment, Alan, since I have absolutely no experience with PSP.

    And I agree that the biggest problem is simply that you forget what you’ve learned if you don’t use it regularly, though it does seem easier to pick it up the second or third time around.

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