Everything’s Coming Up

well, if not roses, at least crocuses. Winter seems to have passed us by this year, and though we may pay a bitter price for it later during the fire season, I’m certainly enjoying it right now.

Luckily, my mood has closely paralleled the weather. I’m, literally, back on my feet walking every day and am heading back, somewhat apprehensively, to Tai Chi classes tonight because it seems like precisely the kind of strengthening I need right now.

I’ve been focusing on Photoshop, having recently finished two books and started a third, Photoshop: Restoration and Retouching, by Katrin Eismann, in preparation for a project, restoring family photos handed down to me when my mother died a few years ago, I’ve put off too long.

If I don’t start restoring them shortly, they might not be restorable. My recent reminiscing about my childhood has also prompted this renewed interest in the project, not to mention some of the poetry I’ve discussed lately.

Unfortunately, reading Photoshop manuals and doing exercises doesn’t translate easily into blog entries, as you may have noticed. Sometimes you have to spend time preparing the ground so true change can emerge.

7 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up”

  1. I’m suffering no impatience with you. In the meanwhile, boy, those crocuses look fine! Excellent photo.

  2. Yes, what a wonderful photo. We’re under snow again so all my spring bulb shoots have disappeared – but it’s sunny and beautiful and I’m not complaining. Glad the recovery continues.

  3. Hi Loren

    Please could you mail me your e-dress? Would like to pick your brains on a poetry question!

    Many Thanks

  4. Ah, crocuses. End of January, a friend brought me some that were about to bloom. I had a fine few days of coming home to their colour in the kitchen while everything outside was cold and white.

    We’re still deep in snow here on P.E.I., but this March (so far) seems milder than the past few. I suspect we’ll have an earlier spring than we’ve had for a while. There will be tulips in bloom before I know it.

  5. i found your site through a picture, ‘ride the wave’. your huge blog began at this painting with Walt Whitman’s poetry. He always makes me cry…hahaha. so i wanted to tell you what a beautiful and massive undertaking this site is, and i will be enjoying it.
    tks. Galen

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