It’s My Lie, and I’m Sticking With It

I’m not sure there was really any winner in the Presidential debate tonight, though I thought Kerry did a better job than he has done before in clearly stating his position.

What really stuck with me, though, is that Bush continues to push the myth that Kerry continually “flip-flops,” that in some way he continues to revise his position on Iraq in order to gain political advantage.

Anyone who still believes that obviously hasn’t subscribed to, a non-partisan organization dedicated to exposing the half-truths that both parties have used in their campaign. And, yes, unfortunately both sides seem to feel it necessary to distort the truth in order to sway voters.

The Annenberg Political Fact Check, FactCheck.Org, article entitled BUSH AD TWISTS KERRY’S WORDS ON IRAQ: Selective use of Kerry’s own words makes him look inconsistent on Iraq. A closer look gives a different picture. effectively debunks this myth and explains why they feel Kerry has been remarkably consistent.

Of course, while you’re there you’ll probably want to check out other ways both parties have distorted the truth. I’m sure it’ll make you feel much better about our political system — not. Still, it’s nice to know that there are groups that are still trying to get the truth out there.