Just Like a Man

I went to Tacoma’s Rose Garden to take some follow-up pictures in the series I’ve been working on. Somehow I ended up distracted by this:

and I couldn’t take my eyes off this, one, either

Do you think a rose by any other name might be a dahlia?

4 thoughts on “Just Like a Man”

  1. There are so many ways to look at a flower – colors, scents, the way it combines with other plants to unify a bed… but what struck me when I looked at those two pictures was: geometry. With all our descriptions of flowers through the ages, I wonder if anyone has ever tried to define the mathematics of a flower?

  2. Ron, I guess the good thing about old age is that I’ve slowed down enough to actually look at flowers carefully. Of course, the bad thing about old age is that I’ve slowed down enough to look at the flowers.

    Harry, I think it is the “mathematics” of these flowers that I found so fascinating, which also explains why I love fractals so much. If I had an infinite amount of money, I’d love to have an electron microscope so I could spend time admiring the patterns in even microscopic elements.

  3. the bottom dahlia is truly magnificent, very subtle. a lovely photograph, and i usually dislike dahlias for some reason!

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