Say Hello to Kylan

Kylan Sonnen, shown with brother Kel, mother Margaret, and father Cory, arrived late Thurday night.

Any delay posting this announcement can be attributed to the author’s unwillingness to run the story without insuring that the child’s name be spellled correctly.

5 thoughts on “Say Hello to Kylan”

  1. Turns out Kel’s name is spelled Kel, not Kell, though I seem to have spelled it both ways throughout my blog entries until corrected today.

    They really ought to have a dictionary for names and insist that people stick to the correct spelling.

  2. Another wonderful photograph. Welcome Kylan!

    *Ahem* as well as being difficult to spell, Kylan is also, to me, genderless. As would Kel have been if you hadn’t supplied the word “brother”.

  3. With a name like “Loren” I was sensitive to that, too, but I’m a little surprised to hear that Kel has that connotation, too.

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