Follow the Leader

I’m glad I finished my Open Source Politics essay yesterday, or it just plain wouldn’t have gotten done today as I spent most of the day playing with Gavin and Kel. Gavin’s mother was trying to finish her new addition and asked me if I’d take Gavin for a few hours.

I was more than happy to do so. It was a beautiful, sunny day and Gavin and I spent much of it playing outside after our obligatory hour and a half playing with Pahtah’s Playmobil Knights.

We spent nearly an hour at a nearby playground where Gavin found a new friend, at least for an hour, and they played follow the leader while Grandpa tried to take pictures with his new camera.

After a lunch out at the local Jack in the Box, we returned home about the time Kel had just finished his nap. Although Gavin was complaining about being tired after a mile or so, he seemed to have more than enough energy to spend the next twenty minutes jumping off a log and rolling on the ground.

Now, despite efforts to improve the photo in Photoshop, this shot reminds me of what a wonderful instrument the human eye is. I was so caught up in the kids’ joy that I wasn’t even aware of the sharp contrasts in the light in this picture until I got home and tried to print it. My expensive digital camera obviously had problems stopping the motion and managed to overexpose the kids’ faces while obscuring the woods. I guess it just goes to show that an unthinking photographer can still defeat the best camera.