Can’t Get Used To Something So Right

It’ll probably be a few more days until things return to normal around here, but they are starting to slow down. Rick’s back working in Vancouver, and Tyson, Jen, and Logan returned to Colorado yesterday. I was tired enough last night that I started getting ready for bed at 9:00 instead of my usual midnight.

Trying to cram as much fun as you can into five days is exciting, but exhausting. We started Christmas Tuesday night at Leslie’s daughter’s house because they were spending Christmas in Oregon. After Christmas Eve dinner with Rick and Ted, I went to the airport to pick up Tyson and family at the airport at 10:30. Waiting there for the last plane of the night, I realized just how lucky I was to be spending Christmas with my children because airports always strike me as the loneliest places in the world, even when you’re waiting for loved ones.

Luckily, there was no time for loneliness after Tyson, Jen and Logan arrived, though things went so fast that they seem like a blur now.

We opened presents to a packed house Christmas day. I was so busy that I even forgot to take photos of most of the happenings, though I did record parts of Christmas morning on my Canon Mini-DV. I’m still not sure what I have, but I suspect I’ll have to depend on my memory to remember most of what happened. At my age, though, I think it’s best to enjoy events as they happen rather than worrrying about reliving them later through pictures.

I do remember that Grandpa got a Playmobile Castle to go with the other knights he already owns. That might be because it’s still here this morning after everyone has left:

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to play with it yet, but I imagine Gavin and I will finally get a chance to play with it on my birthday tomorrow or on New Year’s Eve when we babysit him.

Saturday several of us went to see Lord of the Rings, while others watched the grandkids. When we returned we went to Dawn’s for dinner and then spent the evening watching the babies while those who didn’t go to Lord of the Rings went to see Cold Mountain.

Sunday morning was nearly as hectic, culminating in taking Tyson, Jen and Logan Riley back to the airport.

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