Busy Weekend

Too much going on this weekend to get much poetry read, though I’m looking forward to getting back to Kunitz.

On Friday both Gavin and Kel were here. One of the few rests Leslie and I got was when the two of them decided they would spend a few minutes watching television.

Originally I’d planned on getting pictures of them at the zoo, but our week of sunshine was, naturally, interrupted by rain showers, and I was too busy trying to keep myself and kids dry to take any pictures.

Leslie and I spent the day at the Tacoma Museum of Glass
. Unfortunately, you’re only able to take flashless pictures in the Hot Room, so the photographs aren’t as inspiring as I’d like.

Luckily, it’s easier to get pictures of the glass that they have on display than it is of the artists actually working:

Oh, and by the way, my alter ego has a new story up at Open Source Politics on the Bush administrations forcing the EPA to drop several ongoing lawsuits.

And, by the way, I didn’t completely neglect my poetic duties as I somehow managed to discover a new poet, Sam Hamill, while at the glass museum.
Go figure.