Goofing Off

I must admit that I’m guilty of slacking off lately.The stress of trying to fine tune my Movable Type templates, finish the next section of Stevens’ Complete Poems and start getting my house ready for sale has finally driven me to quick, short-term amusements.

Unaware of the compulsive qualities of the game, I recently downloaded a seemingly harmless game called "Nomia" from Apple’s Download Page. Little did I realize that I would soon become addicted to this game.

You can tell just how addicted I’ve become by checking out the "high scores" page at Nomia. Every time you see my name there it means that I’ve played the same game again. (And if the truth be told, I don’t even bother to post scores that aren’t as high as my previous high score.)

I justify my addiction to this game by rationalizing that picking words out of such mazes will help me build my poetic skills. After all, they almost appear like concrete poems.

However, the fact that someone named "Crispy Nomia King" continually posts nearly unbeatable scores probably brings out my competitive skills. Of course, I’m not sure who this "person" is or even if it is a real person.

2 thoughts on “Goofing Off”

  1. I know how you feel; I was addicted to Text Twist for weeks, and just as I had a million things to do. Just enjoy giving into it for a while — the novelty of it is bound to wear off!

    As for “Crispy Nomia King,” I bet that it is not a real person … they post high-scoring winners to get our competitive edge all honed and us hooked….

  2. oooooooooooooh… text twist… still in recovery. and if text twist is addictive, how about bookworm… from popcap games… i have both (and, sadly, more, including the demonic mind-possessor that is known as bejewelled) on my palm. but the absolute life-wrecker is spellbound, another word game. tormenting. excuse me, i just have to……

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