Erratic Weblogger Warning

Posting to my web site may be a little erratic in the next week.

I just got back from spending a father’s day weekend with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, Gavin, and I’m packing right now for a week in Colorado with my son, his wife, and, most of all, my new grandson Logan, who I’ve never seen before but will be baby sitting for the rest of the week.

I’ve never had much luck posting to my site while away from home, but I’m hopeful that I will find time to post occasionally in the next week. At the very least, I should have some good shots of Logan for Dorothea, who hasn’t complained lately about anyone bringing newborns to the office.

I also assume that I will have time to read more Stevens while waiting at the airport and while flying to Denver. If so, I hope to get another poem posted by Tuesday morning at the latest.

Of course, any posting assumes that Logan will be more interested in napping than in watching his grandpa make funny faces and funny sounds. I’ve still never found a book as interesting as a grandson.

4 thoughts on “Erratic Weblogger Warning”

  1. The office kid’s, what, nine months old now? He’s only come to the office after hours, which is perfectly fine with me.

    I am currently seeking an excuse to skip out on the kid’s baptism party, however. Will that do as a complaint?

  2. Yup,it’s official I need new glasses. I could have sworn when I saw the title of this post it said Erotic Weblogger Warning, and the first thought was – why warn us, go for it 🙂 Have a good trip Loren!

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