Technical Help Needed

Just in case you failed to notice, I upgraded to Movable Type 2.63 all by myself today.

I do, however, have a question that I’m unable to answer for myself. I’ve accepted my interpretation of “Sara” may well be wrong, but that the interpretation is corrected in the comments section.

I’m more than happy to leave it that way without going back and changing the entry (which I’ve done in the past when I’ve found mistakes on my own). However, in looking over the monthly archives I’ve noticed that the comments aren’t included. My question, then, is whether it is possible to include comments in the monthly archives.

13 thoughts on “Technical Help Needed”

  1. Yes, absolutely. I’ve done it on Ravings’s archive pages. Do you want a comments popup link like on the front page, or do you just want a listing of existing comments? The former is preferable from a server-stress point of view.

  2. Er, sorry, I’m spaced. The actual listing is preferable to the link, though the link is easier to put into a template.

    I’ll email you something tomorrow.

  3. Luckily except for having to go in and reset the permissions that Adobe GoLive changed when it uploaded files, there was not much to the upgrade.

    Unfortunately, that might change when I attempt to make some revisions to the template soon.

    But at least I always have your templates saved to go back to if I need to, Jonathon.

  4. I found this site somehow. I’ve become a pair of little eyes peering in.

    Thank you for what you do, it is bread and roses to the soul.

    May I link to you on my website? Feel free to screen.

    – Most Respectfully,
    E. Lacson

  5. I’m always happy to have links to my site, E.

    I’ve looked at your site and wiil add it to the bottom of my link page when I get some time to manage a list that seems to have gotten out of hand.

  6. I caught that thanks to Trackback, Dorothea.

    Thanks, and I’ll be applying it as soon as this head cold clears up and I can manage to think again.

  7. I’ve now applied the fix to both monthly entries and categorical entries, and it works great.

    Thanks again, Dorothea.

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