Keep the Flame Burning

As earlier promised, Jonathon Delacour has set up a Paypal Account to help keep Shelley Powers, Burningbird, on line.

Hopefully like me you believe that the web would be a much less colorful place without Shelley Powers’ flaming red and yellow web page.

Go to Jonathon’s site to contribute as I will do shortly.

3 thoughts on “Keep the Flame Burning”

  1. Thank you Loren. For poetry and pointing to the fund raiser link.

    But, flaming red and yellow? Hmmm, we have to look at your monitor someday.

  2. Well, there might be a little “poetic” license in there, but it’s still red and yellow on my monitor.

    Maybe “brick” red, if you want to symbolize a certain stubborness.

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