Tax season is drawing to a painful close for me, with my back suffering from extended hours in front of a computer. At five on Friday, I could barely get up from my computer, and it seemed like I’d suffered a week setback in recovering from my herniated disc.

To make matters worse, there are several new controversies swirling around that I would love to dedicate some time and space to. Today while reading Jonathon Delacour’s excellent blog entry I was in total agreement with his argument until the last part where he equated the religious argument whether man is inherently good or evil with the political “left” and “right,” which I personally equate more with the capitalist-socialist spectrum.

For the first time today I heard an analyst compare our “swift” victory in Iraq to Israel’s Six-Day War, a hollow victory that resulted in the present stalemate in Palestine. It’s about time. It’s one of the few parallel cases that actually makes sense as a means of predicting future events in Iraq, though we might also want to consider what seems to be happening in Afghanistan today as a predictor of the future.

Then, I watched this week’s Bill Moyer’s NOW that I had recorded last night. His coverage of the Gun Industry’s efforts to get legislation passed to protect them from civil lawsuits along with Aschcroft’s attempts to make sure that information on the sale of guns was no longer publicly available strike me as nothing short of criminal. Surely there’s some irony in the Christian Right protecting the gun industry that needs to be explored in depth.

Unfortunately, this is all going to have to wait for a few days.