Ablaze with Life’s Passion

Before they came the air was calm enough,
Coming and going, breath by breath, without any fuss.
Then the tulips filled it up like a loud noise.
Now the air snags and eddies round them the way a river
Snags and eddies round a sunken rust-red engine.
They concentrate my attention that was happy
Playing and resting without committing itself.
from Sylvia Plath’s …. "Tulips"

3 thoughts on “Ablaze with Life’s Passion”

  1. Humph. Show off.

    “I have not yet begun to photograph and prose!” Bb cried out in response to the crumpled, thrown glove, lying on the dusty ground at the foot of the field of tulips.

    (Aside — pretty pretty pic, lovely poem.)

  2. she is an amazing poet. if you can forget her being co-opted, she was great.

  3. Loren pauses, picks the blazing mantle from the ground and dons it.

    No more secrets.

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