Trivial Pursuits

Browsing through someone’s Burningbird’s links (is this really how you’re supposed to correct an error later rather than just correcting it like I usually do?), while avoiding thinking about To Kill a Mockingbird, I found Michael’s Subject to Change. While his proposal to save baseball might have been funnier a few hours ago, it’s still darn funny. (Oddly enough I found the link through Bb’s side links because his name is close to mine, not her article link that I just noticed while looking up the link referenced below.) Lot’s of other good stuff there, too.

Course it couldst be funnier cause I be subsidizing the Mariners this weekend in a big way, though I toldst my woman I warn’t buying no damn $5.00 hot dog and $5.00 soda pop this here year.

We won’t need no oxygen masks or periscopes this year ‘cuz we done sprung for lower level seats down there on d’ first base line. I can ‘ford ’em if’n I don’t buy no hot dogs or no sof drinks. (Sorry Burningbird, but I jest had to try out yorn’ sugges’n that I tries to applies the style of the latest book I be readin’.) I jes dons’t know if my ex-students gonna lets me get away wit it.

No Answers Here, Just More Questions

After finishing my Mockingbird essay that’s been posted at The Banned Book Project and reading Whiskey River’s "less preoccupying thoughts" and reading Jonathon’s philosophical entry today, the following thoughts occurred to me:

If you think you know the answers to life, you probably don’t know the question.

otherwise known as

Asking the right question is the key to finding the right answer.