Wherein Diane Reveals her Secret Test Results

I decided in the name of complete disclosure, and in the name of good, honest stalling until we begin Walden next week, that Diane should post the results of her Spiritual quiz, too.

Surprisingly enough, our beliefs are not nearly as different as I would have expected. Go figure.

Diane’s Results:

Unitarian Universalism 100%
(may explain my attraction to the transcendentalists)
Liberal Quakers 97%
Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants 90%
(I belong to the Episcopal church)
Neo-Pagan 82%
Theravada Buddhism 79%
Secular Humanism 78%
Mahayana Buddhism 76%
Taoism 74%
Hinduism 73%
Christian Science 71%
New Age 67%
(I refuse to listen to the music)
Bahai Faith 61%
New Thought 61%
Jainism 59%
Scientology 59%
Sikhism 575
LDS 55%
Orthodox Quaker 53%
Nontheist 48%
Reform Judaism 48%
Jehovah’s Witness 44%
Mainline to Conservative Christian 39%
Seventh Day Adventist 34%
Orthodox Judaism 28%
Eastern Orthodox 22%
Roman Catholic 22%
Islam 19%

The interesting part of these results is the test picked up my attraction to Hinduism which I observed in Bali. I’m also interested in Buddhism even though I could never be a very good Buddhist. I love the Neo-Pagan listing. And Secular Humanism? It’s a good thing BGSD didn’t know.

I was noticing over at Dervala.net that Dervala has posted her Briggs-Meyers test and a link to a site that figures out your results with four short questions. I’m not sure that the quiz is as accurate as the long one I took, but the results came out the same for me as they did on the earlier test I took.

Diane tells me that she is an ISTJ.

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