A Little Bit of Blogging, Too

Not wanting you to think I’d forsaken all else for the sake of poetry, I’m taking a day off (at least from writing about it) to mention a few blogs I’ve been visiting regularly.

Moving near the top of my list (though not likely to replace wood s lot is Visible Darkness a blog written by a young writing teacher in Arkansas, although he seems to be missing California at the moment. Though I don’t necessarily share his love of Shelley’s Defence of Poetry, I find most of his blogs fascinating. They certainly provide me with a fresh view of the world, something I desperately need while I’m caught up in my review of graying and past-graying poets.

I also recently discovered If in my referrer logs and have been reading it regularly since. While many of the entries are short, they almost invariably lead to new and interesting destinations. Short and sweet is hard to beat. Take it from someone who probably has way too much to say.

I also discovered Synergyin my referrer log. It turned out to be a letter from someone suggesting that he look at my page. Later, though, I found a link to my “Why I Blog” essay, you know the one in the upper left corner that Diane recently suggested I should add to the page (as if I didn’t have more than enough to write already). I haven’t really had much time to explore Synergy yet, but I certainly love the page’s motto: Something beautiful every day. There can never be too much beauty in the world, that’s for sure.

In fact, my son-in-law the other day said that “In a Dark Time” seemed like a very depressing title to him, but the truth is that it’s the second half of the title (you know, the part where it says “The Eye Begins to See”) that’s most important to me. I’m not into denying reality, but the truth is that I tend to see the world more positively than most people imagine.

I’m also glad to see that Whiskey River has recently returned to regularly updating his page, as has Cloud 9. At my age I tend to become a creature of habit, and it’s annoying when you find yourself reading an old entry day after day.

I take that list of blogs on the left seriously. If I quit visiting a site regularly I take it off the list. I won’t recommend a site to a reader if I don’t visit it regularly myself. I’m not into linking for the sake of linking or simply to draw more visitors to my site. Actually, I continually add and subtract to the list of blogs I read regularly, but I don’t include my entire list in my recommended list until I’m convinced it’s something I want to read regularly. And I don’t necessarily recommend all sites I personally like.

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