A Sunny Break

It’s sometimes amazing how little nature reflects our personal moods or the events of the day. If we were to believe the romantic poets or the movies, it should still be cloudy and rainy to reflect the mood of our country.

However, I’m not confronting myself today. It’s too sunny, and sunny days come at a premium in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. Although this has been an unusually dry year, we just had nearly a solid week of cold, blustery weather, foreshadowing the fall and winter to come

Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling me it’s time to move on, or maybe it’s just providing a welcome excuse to take a break. Either way, I’m taking advantage of the sun to get caught up with some garden work.

I need to harvest apples and make fresh applesauce, finish off the last of the blueberries, harvest and can tomatoes, pick corn, and turn over some of the raised beds to get them ready for next spring, more than enough to keep me busy today and tomorrow.

If not, the weeds seem to have taken off in the last two weeks.

Listening to the news constantly for two weeks and watching the rain pour down can have that effect.